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Nor-Eddine Tahiri, L. L. M. Eur

Attorney for Moroccan Law

Moroccan law:

As Mohami, lawyer for Moroccan law, I advise clients in all legal matters within Moroccan law and represent their legal interests before the Moroccan courts and authorities.

In particular, I specialize in the following areas of law:

Jurisdiction : 

family law

When spouses separate, it is often overlooked that the subsequent phase can be legally tricky. Many things have to be considered.

These include:

1. Separation and post-marital maintenance claims

2. Maintenance claims of minors and adults

3. Regulation of the right of visit and questions of parental care

4. Agreement to regulate the property dispute

5. Divorce and pension compensation.

You will receive the answers to these important questions from us. In this difficult and emotional life situation, our primary goal is to achieve economically sensible and humanly justifiable solutions in out-of-court negotiations.

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Nor-Eddine Tahiri, L.L.M Eur
Attorney for Moroccan Law

Phone: +49 1629780468

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About Lawyer Tahiri


Our Trading helps clients run and transform their front, middle and back-office trading operations. We provide buy-side, sell-side and market infrastructure firms with a full-service offering, including systems integration and technology consulting services, to assist in delivering high performance trading and settlement capabilities across all asset classes and many other things that have not been invented yet, all without a middleman.

Testament challenge


Real estate inheritance law

Real estate law

  • Commercial space and tenancy law
  • Brokerage law
  • Condominium Law
  • Building and architect law
  • Advice on property acquisition and development
  • Draft contracts and negotiations
  • Property valuations and market value appraisals
  • Corporate law real estate engagements - judicial and extrajudicial advice during construction
  • Drafting contracts for architects and engineers
  • Forced and divisional auction

Administrative law

  • Berufsrecht
  • Cemetery and funeral law
  • Public service law
  • Regulatory law
  • State liability and compensation law

Administrative law

  • Berufsrecht
  • Cemetery and funeral law
  • Public service law
  • Regulatory law
  • State liability and compensation law

Employment Law

  • Establishment and termination of employment and service relationships as well as contract drafting.
  • Termination
  • Warning
  • Salary
  • Employment contract
  • Severance pay
  • Litigation: Morocco-wide in all instances of labor jurisdiction.

Civil Right

After a purchase, did you become aware of defects in the goods? I would be happy to advise you on all aspects of guarantee and warranty and help you to withdraw from the purchase contract, reduce the purchase price or make a replacement delivery. In addition, let me have your contractual documents – from the purchase contract to the work contract and employment contract to the marriage contract and leasing contract, I deal with the negotiation, preparation or review of your documents.

Commercial law & corporate law

In the area of commercial law and corporate law, I advise you from the foundation, through management, to the conversion or sale of a company. I help you choose the right company form, answer liability questions in the start-up phase or draw up social contracts. Furthermore, I support you in setting up supervisory boards, prepare shareholders’ meetings and assist you with the transfer of business shares.